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Networking February 2018 – Keep Healthy

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Jurga Proudlove from JP Health and Fitness spoke about the importance of keeping healthy and being ‘the Champion of your own health’ . This did not involve lots of running or eating just lettuce but being aware of what you do and eat and making sensible choices. Walking where possible is good. Running can badly affect your joints. Good food and regular sleep are essential to keep your brain in good order. This has been reinforced by recent press articles about how bad processed foods are for you and are believed to increase your chance of cancer.  At least if you prepare food from scratch you know what you are eating. The way forward is to avoid becoming ill in the first place as far as you can.






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January Networking with D2N2

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January Networking with D2N2 Growth Hub

Paul Humphreys an adviser with D2N2 Growth Hub cam along and spoke to us about the help that the Growth Hub can offer the small business, He spoke about the grants and loans that are available and mentioned that more loans are available to the start up and small business than people are generally aware f. The Growth Hub is offering meetings with small business owners to discuss their plans and see how they can provide help . These meetings are taking place in Arnold and various other venues throughout Nottinghamshire.

Copies of the slides are available please just contact us.

For more information http://www.d2n2growthhub.co.uk   

Or contact  paul.humphreys@d2n2growthhub.co.uk

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Linkedin with Beryl Petit of Ridgeway Marketing

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Beryl explained the usefulness of LinkedIn to the small business especially ones trading B2B. she ran through a range of hints and tips bringing us up to date with current developments.

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Gedling Borough Council attend Morning Networking 12th October 2017

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We were visited by John Clarke the Leader of Gedling Borough Council and John Robinson the Chief Executive and are grateful for their time.

A quick tour through what the Council has planned for the next few years followed. Some 7500 new homes are to be built in the Borough although the proportion of Affordable Housing varies according to the developer involved. Gedling Country Park is proving very popular especially now it has toilets and a newly opened Cafe. A Heritage Centre is planned to follow.

Improvements are planned for the Colwick area and they are very conscious of the need to improve traffic links to the area both into Nottingham City and across the Borough. We were assured of the commitment of the Council to assist and develop small businesses in the area.

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Morning Networking September 2017- Legal Essentials for Business

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We had  a taste of the legal issues that all small businesses need to consider . The wisdom of looking at these from the outset rather than waiting for something to go wrong and the try to fix it. Anne Phillips from Barkley Business Services www.barkleybusinessservices.co.uk took us through Terms and Conditions. Contracts and the potential pitfalls of commercial Leases.

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Morning Networking July 2017 Apprenticeships

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The rules have changed from April with the aim of widening those who can take advantage of the scheme and giving the Employer control over the training provider they wish to use. Anne Phillips from Barkley Business Services www.barkleybusinessservices.co.uk outlined the basic changes in the procedure.

Rebecca Ogden from Enable a training provider then explained the service they can provide to the Employer www.enable.uk.net.

Julie Beresford from the Economic Development Department at Gedling Borough Council provided details on the Council’s Erasmus programme designed to help employers in the Gedling area at every stage of the apprenticeship procedure so they are not deterred from proceeding with an apprentice by the level of paperwork and administration involved . For more details please contact Julie on julie.beresford@gedling.gov.uk

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Morning Networking May 2017 -Growing your business

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Grow Your Business in 10 minutes! – Paul Wreaves is a local business coach and lecturer at Nottingham Business School, NTU gave us a guide on how to grow your business using straightforward tools and show you how to set simple goals and targets that will motivate you to achieve them.

More details on Paul  www.achievebusinesscoaching.com

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NBV Grants- our Speaker Lewis Quayle

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Grants For The Small Busine


NBV in Nottingham https://nbv.co.uk/ provide grants for the small business funded by the EU.


Business based in the East Midlands

Maximum 250 staff

Maximum turnover £50 million

Only B2B

No retail

Grant Level

Grant of £1000 to £2500

Intervention rate 25%

So minimum project value £4000

Stages of Application

  1. Express an interest
  2. Provide three quotes
  3. Decision within a few days
  4. Buy items or services
  5. Produce receipt and claim grant

Excluded costs

  1. Overheads
  2. Vehicles
  3. Recruitment fees
  4. Salaries
  5. Accredited training but can do non accredited

If a business requires any of these please speak to NBV as they may have an alternative means of finance

Contact www.nbv.co.uk or Lewis direct on lquayle@nbv.co.uk

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March Morning Networking –Cybercrime

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Gary Bennett Research and Development Manager at Gedling Business Council  came along and spoke about the risks of cyber crime to all businesses

Cyber-crime why bother
  • KPMG Estimated the cost to the UK of £1.1 Billion in 2016
  • The ONS estimates there were 5.6 Million fraud and computer misuse crimes in the year to June 2016. Two thirds of these involved computers
  • The Information Commissioners Office can levy fines of up to £500,000. TalkTalk was fined £400,000 in October 2016
  • Attacks can cripple your business, cause loss of sensitive information and reduce trust in your brand

https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/jan/24/uk-fraud-record-cybercrime-kpmg http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/11/01/how-much-of-a-problem-is-cyber-crime-in-the-uk/ https://ico.org.uk/action-weve-taken/enforcement

What We Are Seeing
  • Phishing – Legitimate looking emails that tricks you into clicking links
  • Malware, old style viruses as attachments to emails
  • Malware hidden in macros in Word and Excel documents
  • Malware hidden in by encryption, such as zip files
  • Many of the above are Ransomware
  • Cold calls claiming who then talk you into giving remote control of your PC or visit a particular site
  • Whaling – A carefully crafted email pretending to come from a senior manager, generally building up to asking for an urgent money transfer
  • Attempts to detect holes in firewalls and hack websites
  • Cyber Essentials

Advice for the core requirements for protecting a network, covers the basics, which are

–Boundary Firewalls and Gateways

–Secure Configuration

–User Access Control

–Malware Protection

–Patch Management

  • There are other related schemes such as 10 Steps to Cyber Security
  • Staff awareness can make a big difference
  • Backups are essential




 Other Resources

  •  The National Cyber Security Centre Website
  • Stay Safer Online Website
  • Police Action Fraud Website
  • ASafaWeb – Automated Security Analyser for ASP.NET Websites
  • SSLLabs – Check the configuration of any public SSL (Secure HTTPS) Website
  • MxToolbox – Return information about your email domain including TLS (encryption)









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